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Feed Manufacturing Plant,
Views of Europe, Progress report 1

Photography by Laurent Bellec
56 pages color photographs (30x26 cm, open: 60x26cm), Numbered

Price : 40 €

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“From large concrete cathedrals that mark the landscape in their isolation, to small traditional brick mills in the village centre, and to plants whose hybrid architecture reflects the passage of time and the evolution of the profession, Laurent lets us discover the diversity of styles embodied in the real estate of our plants. These photos surprise us with their uncluttered style, their avoidance of visual stereotypes, their well chosen camera angles, and lovely contrasts of black and white, colours and multiple nuances.” (…) “They are proof that efficiency is perfectly compatible with a sense of beauty. It is the great merit of the artist to bring us through this kaleidoscope a message of beauty and history. With this beautiful book, Laurent Bellec’s journey across Europe will leave a lasting memory for future generations.”

Extract from the foreword of the book by Patrick Vanden Avenne
Previous President of FEFAC

Laurent BELLEC

Artist photographer

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22200 Pommerit le Vicomte


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